CV & Cover Letter

CV & Cover Letter

"Job hunting, applications, resumes, and interviews are fun!"
— said no one ever

Give Your Job Application the Best Possible Chance of Succes!

Found your dream job? Our experts are here to help you put together a flawless, clear and concise application, tailored to meet the requirements of your field of work. We will review your documents to ensure they are free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Your documents will be edited to improve their style, coherence, and consistency. In addition, our editors will provide feedback on formatting and overall presentation. 

We Understand Your Field of Work

Our editors are specialised in editing documents from a wide range of industries. Your job application will therefore be formatted according to industry standards, allowing you send a tailored job application to your prospective employer. 

Fast, Reliable & Affordable

We understand the importance of sending in your application well in time. Our editors will therefore review your document(s) and send detailed feedback within one working day. We charge a fixed rate of €20 for reviewing your CV and €30 for reviewing your cover letter. If you choose to have both documents reviewed, we offer a reduced rate of €40. All prices include any revisions. Our editors remain at your disposal for any questions you may have about your edited document. 

Let’s Get Started!

Send us your draft CV and/or cover letter by email, as well as a description of the job that you are applying for. Our experts will send your edited document(s) within one working day. We ensure quick communication and will keep working with you until you are fully satisfied.